Still Ruins, Moving Stones


Four hundred years after settling a new world, the Norse colonizers of Greenland disappeared. For centuries after they vanished, their lands lay mostly untouched until another group of settlers rediscovered these remote sites. This contemplative film explores how humans move about altering the landscape, adding new layers and redacting ancient ones. The full version runs for 13 minutes and 15 seconds.

Produced, directed and edited by Jessica Auer
Cinematography and sound design: Terryll Loffler
Featuring: Georg Nyegaard, Henrik Høier, Jacob Noe Bovin

Still Ruins, Moving Stones has been exhibited/screened at Sporobole Centre en art actuel, Sherbrooke, QC (2014); The Gotland Museum of Art, Sweden (2015) ; The Skaftfell Centre for Visual Art Project Space in Seydisfjördur, Iceland (2015); the Antimatter media art festival in Victoria, BC (2015); the Dawson City International Short Film festival in the Yukon (2016); FOFA Gallery in Montreal (2017) and in a WWII bunker at Forillon National Park in Gaspesie (2017).

Full length version below